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Information on the Permitting Process for Southern VT Energy Park Projects

The goal of this website is to provide an easy to understand guide to the permitting process for the biomass facility proposed for the Southern Vermont Energy Park. The solar component of the park has already received the permits described here. This site is not a place for posting information on the pro's and con's of the contested biomass component, or advocacy of any kind. The intent is to make sure everyone has a clear explanation of the regulatory framework. This site relies on the participation of volunteers, so if we've missed an update or some aspect of the permitting process please let us know! The e-mail address is


Beaver Wood Energy has temporarily suspended its application for a biomass facility in Pownal.  The Bennington Banner reports that review of the state's power needs and changing market conditions has prompted Beaver Wood Energy to focus on only one facility in Vermont. The proposal in Pownal is on hold for one year while Beaver Wood Energy focuses on its Fair Haven project.

Documents from Jurisdictional Discussion: The Public Service Board is currently reviewing jurisdiction of Act 250 in the Beaver Wood Energy case.

Initial Brief from BWE

Department of Public Service Comments

Joint Memo from Opponents

Memo from Natural Resources Board

Beaver Wood Reply

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Citizen's Guide to Section 248

The Public Service Board publishes a general guide to Section 248 procedures, such as the one currently underway for Beaver Wood Energy's proposed biomass facility. This guide is available online at:
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