Southern Vermont Energy Park Information

What Factors are Considered in Permitting?

The Public Service Board evaluates projects based on 10 criteria. Arguments for and against the permitting should focus entirely on these criteria. They are described in statute at 30 V.S.A. § 248 and in Appendix A of the Citizen’s Guide to Section 248 

Below is a simple list of what type of considerations these criteria represent. Anyone commenting on the case should read the actual statute, not this summary:

1.      Compatibility with the “orderly development” of a region, as defined by documents such as municipal planning, land conservation, and recommendations by municipalities.

2.      Need for the proposed electricity generating service, including whether alternative measures might better meet future demands.

3.      Impact on system stability and reliability.

4.      Economic benefits.

5.      Impact on aesthetics, historic sites, air and water purity, the natural environment, and public health and safety (pp 14-16 in the Citizen’s Guide outline these criteria in detail)

6.      Compliance with a least-cost plan for construction.

7.      Compliance with statewide energy planning.

8.      Potential impact on designated water resources.

9.      Existence of a plan for managing solid waste generated by the facility.

10.  Ability to utilize existing or planned transmission facilities

Again, it is important to read the real statute in addition to this summary.