Southern Vermont Energy Park Information

What is the Southern Vermont Energy Park?

The Southern Vermont Energy Park is a redevelopment project for the former Green Mountain Race Track. The overall goal is to use the land near Route 7 to generate green energy. Currently the plans include two major tenants – EOS Ventures, a solar company, and Beaver Wood Energy, a biomass company.

EOS Ventures received permission to build its solar farm in fall, 2010. They plan to make final decisions on moving forward in early 2011.

The more controversial component of the park is the proposed biomass facility from Beaver Wood Energy. This facility could generate up to 29.5 megawatts of electric power while also making wood pellets to provide energy for heating. The proposed schedule for construction, pending permit approval, is to start full construction in summer 2011 and complete the facility in winter, 2013. Some limited construction work could occur in winter 2010 if the state grants approval quickly.

Beaver Wood Energy, LLC, submitted a description of their plans to the Vermont Public Service Board in late October, 2010, as the first step in seeking permission to build and operate the plant. An electronic copy of the full permit request is posted at Beaver Wood’s resources site; a printed version is available at the Pownal Town Offices.